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The International TurnUp Squad is your worry-free, care-free, vacay with your bae, rendezvous with a boo, or turn up with your crew travel concierge service brought to you by Enclave Enterprises. Through the well traveled eyes of a few, our pursuit is to bring you relaxing views, beautiful accommodations, and cultural experiences that you will be bragging about forever!

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Every trip is packed with nightlife, beautiful beaches, yacht parties, and more! You can choose to venture off on your own or Turn Up with the Squad. So, whether it’s just one of you, two and possible, or your whole squad we have the trip for you.

Often times we find ourselves wanting to travel with no one to actually make moves with. Enclave enabled me to meet dope people while discovering just how beautiful Thailand truly is. From the accommodations to the excursions all the details were well planned. The house was straight out of the scene of a movie with stunning views and an infinity pool. Each morning breakfast was prepared by our personal chef. But the absolute best part of the trip was the yacht and getting to visit a private island. If you want a luxury experience with dope people. Don’t miss the next trip! Kris
Cuba was by far one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to. Food was a amazing! Met great people with good vibes. Would definitely go again... Cherokee Cooper
My most memorable, action packed vacations have been while traveling with Enclave Ent. This company has everything covered. When the chef is not preparing our meals at our villa we are dining at the tastiest restaurants. Everyday there is a new adventure, we explore, play games, and create the best memories. The best part about traveling with Enclave Ent is sharing the travel experience with a fun loving group who embraces each other with friendship and laughter. I recommend traveling with “the squad” there is never a dull moment and the trip is well organized. Christine Poland
I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba and I had no idea that taking this adventure with the International TurnUp Squad would turn into a lifetime of memories and new friendships. This was my first group trip traveling outside of the country; Justin did an amazing job at organizing every single event and did it with a smile on his face. This trip wasn’t solely about “turning up”; we donated care packages to a local church, learned about the culture, ate the delicious food and enjoyed the beautiful people of Cuba. This definitely will not be my last adventure with the International TurnUp Squad! Bridgette Washington
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